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Who we are

Since the inception of our Real Estate Company known as Chauhan Group, which was founded in 1985, we have come a long way. Today, we are taking the long legacy of building luxurious living a step further by launching “SOLIDAGO” founded by Mr. Jayesh Chauhan. Solidago now focuses on property development, redevelopment, investment and other property-related activities.

“We Envisage Your Dreams Into Reality”


Our Vision

We aim to be recognised by customers, employees and peers as an innovative creator of quality and sustainable spaces.

We aim to be the best & not only the biggest real estate developers.

To be property developer of choice in the region with anemphasis on the delivery of high- quality products,complete with well thought-out & highly efficient designs.

Our Mission

  1. Conceptualise spaces and solutions
  2. Encourage diversity of people and ideas
  3. Embrace a forward-looking mindset

Our Core Values

  • B
  • U
  • I
  • L
  • D

Business With Grace

Business with Grace is about according dignity and respect to all our staff, business partners, and customers. It is also about valuing relationships and the needs of others. With Grace, we are able to achieve win-win outcomes, without any party profiting at the expense of another. In doing so, we build relationships that endure, and are able to do Good Business and do Good in Business.


At Solidago, we are united in our mission to build an enduring enterprise. We recognise the importance of working together as a community, embracing individual styles while accepting differences and opinions, thereby turning our diversity into strength.


At the centre of our business are our core values. And at the literal centre of our core values (BUILD) is Integrity, which is a symbolic expression of how Integrity ties all the other core values together.

Having Integrity means being honest in our dealings with everyone in the marketplace: our business partners, our customers and with each other. Even more importantly, having Integrity requires every individual to live an authentic life, free of personal inconsistencies and contradictions.


Love is characterised by us showing genuine care towards others, whether they are our partners, colleagues, or customers. When we have Love, we will show selflessness and put their well-being before our own.

Having Love also means that we demonstrate loyalty and commitment in our relationships. This commitment is made real whenever we exercise our choices and follow up with our actions. And, the guiding principle behind our actions would be this: To do to others what you would have them do to you.


Diligence is a value that is necessary for our other core values to truly flourish.

Diligent individuals do not need to ‘shout’ about themselves, but strive for excellence in everything they do – even the little things – with quiet confidence. Diligence may not always result in immediate payoffs that we can see. But, if Diligence is present over the long run, it creates an unmistakable impact that all can recognise.

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CUSTOM FURNITUREAn Exclusive Residence

CUSTOM FURNITUREAn Exclusive Residence

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition. Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved.







Podcasting operational change management inside of workflows to establish a framework. Taking seamless key performance indicators.

Offline to maximise the long tail. Keeping your eye on the ball while performing a deep dive on the start-up mentality to derive convergence on cross-platform integration. Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks. Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits. Dramatically visualize customer directed convergence without revolutionary ROI. Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables.

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a your eye on the ball while performing a deep robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition.

START DATEAugust 17th 2020
FINISH DATEJuly 14th 2020
CONTRACTORNesting Group inc.
Living Room
Living Room

AMENITIESParking Space

Windows, skylights, vents, and glass portions of doors helps.
An energy recovery ven­ti­la­tion system provides con­trolled.
Control solar heat loss and gains runway heading towards.
Ven­ti­la­tion and minimizes energy loss change manage inside.


Incor­po­rat­ing energy efficient measures into a build­ing’s heating.
An energy efficient building reduces maintenance and costs.


Improves durability, lessens noise, increases comfort and creates.

AMENITIESArmored Doors

The arrangement and layout of the apartment maximises natural light.

Contact For More Details

Contact For More Details

Ground Floor,river View Banquet, Bapu Bagve Road, Kandarpada, Near Dahisar Bridge, Dahisar West, Mumbai 400068.

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